did you miss me?

i’m baaaaaaaaack. and i’m sure you’re ALL happy to hear i survived finals. whew! thanks for understanding everyone, it’s been a wild few weeks!

but i’m back in colorado and LOVING it! i always love coming home, especially when it’s the holiday season. i’ve been blasting christmas music daily – my family might be getting annoyed with it. oops, oh well! it snowed here today which made it feel even more like christmas!!

here is what i’ve been up to since we last chatted…

thanksgiving break was amazing. i spent my time hanging with friends and family and definitely ate and drank way too much. i’ll consider it a success. we spent the actual holiday in blue river, co with great family friends. they’re always quick to give up their spare bedrooms to us. we love you, bob and betsy!

golden, co
golden, co
golden, co

we went to golden to do some sightseeing and a little xmas shopping.

lila & hudson - the two cutest westies out there.
lila & hudson – the two cutest westies out there – bob & betsy’s children.
fanny & i
fanny & i
tiffany & her man friend + whiskey
tiffany & her man friend + whiskey

IMG_1891i couldn’t be more blessed to have celebrated thanksgiving holiday with the people i did – wish dad could’ve been there! thankfully he’ll be home for christmas!

after thanksgiving, dj and i went to lake placid to celebrate his birthday (yes, a few months late but i think it was worth it!) and we stayed here. such an amazing hotel and it was the perfect weekend to jump start final hell! here’s a pic of the view from our room.

mirror lake inn
mirror lake inn

before i left burlington, i was spending a ton of time with sylvie and uma. uma and i were busy making snowflakes and other holiday decor that she plastered all over the walls. it looked like christmas threw up all over their house when i left town. 😀

sylvie & i before i left.

amidst all the work and work, i was still able to hit the town and kick back a bit. perhaps i indulged a bit too much the night before i flew home. :/


burlington, vt

burlington, vt

happy holidays from (a very deserted) church street!



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