my life in picture


i’ve been spending a lot of my time recently with sylvie. love this little one.


i went trick-or-treating with sylvie, and her sister, uma. uma had the great idea of them being whales. uma (on the left) is a beluga whale while sylvie is a killer whale. and yes, their mom made those costumes. 


tiffany and her man-friend when she came to visit. it’s about time she moves here. take a hint! we went to this great little pizza place downtown.


last week i turned 23, holy moley, i’m getting old. yuck. but dj worked so hard to wrap his gift for me. granted he DID come use my wrapping paper, but i gotta hand it to him. the man tried.


friday night was girls’ night. a fun night out on the town, and even better, i got to see this girl, eve. it’s rare that i see her out, so obviously i needed proof.


so saturday night i was planning on getting home from work, making some dinner (probably cereal) and watching a movie. however, teddy, (one of dj’s best friends) called and we went on a hot double date. you’re such a gentleman theo. we went to the bluebird tavern downtown with meg and tyler. oh, and meg, it’s also time you moved back here. 🙂 such a fun night with great food and even better company.
-note: my empty pumpkin gnocci bowl.


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