happy halloween!

happy halloween everyone! what is everyone dressing up as?! it’s hard to celebrate in the middle of the week, but i hope everyone gets a little down time tonight! i’ll be going trick-or-treating with sylvie, and her twin sister, uma tonight. uma will be a beluga whale and sylvie is a killer whale. seriously the cutest things i’ve seen. i’ll post pictures of them all dolled up soon! tiffany was here this weekend, and we dressed up as salt and pepper shakers! but wanted to wear tutus so we were cute salt and pepper shakers. we got some interesting questions throughout the night… we couldn’t figure out how to make things for our heads that actually look real, so we finally had to stop looking in the mirror. oh and tiffany, nice white tights. 

so, i did it. i took the plunge and dyed my hair. ah! here’s a stupid self-portrait of me, HA! it’s definitely taken some getting used to but thus far, i think i’m a happy woman. 

as hurricane sandy has been causing havoc throughout the country, all we’ve had in burlington is some wind and rain. :/ if only the storm could’ve been mild everywhere, hope everyone is safe and sound!

november is right around the corner, therefore that means THANKSGIVING! my all time favorite meal of the year. i mean, come on. and what’s even better is the leftover thanksgiving sandwiches. turkey dinner on bread = heart attack in a bun but boy are they good! dj is coming for thanksgiving, his first trip to CO! so excited to spend some time in the mountains and see all my friends and family! can’t wait!


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