birthday celebrations

although it’s halfway through october…. (and i’ve been mia for a few weeks now) it feels like it should still be august! where is the time going!? i have a little trend of going missing for a few weeks which seems to keep happening, yet i’m not sure why. i love to blog and i find that is the best stress relief and still haven’t quite figured that out. i’m trying to make a valiant effort to be here more often. we’ll see how that goes. 😀

so halfway through the semester finally! which means……. NO MORE PSYCH CLINICAL! best transition ever. starting another medsurg rotation and have never been more excited. i’m sure i’ll be ranting and raving about all my cool things that are happening.

the weather here is finally cooling down but now i have to leave my house at 6:15 twice a week and let’s just say those mornings are rather chilly. i feel kind of silly walking up to the hospital all bundled up but it’s necessary.

yesterday, was one of my best friends birthdays. she’s in boston now which is weird to have to do the long distance celebration. i’ve lived with her the last four years, so i’ve always gotten the chance to do the birthday thing in person – you know, the “happy birthday, let’s go to dinner, i’ll buy you lots of drinks and then take really embarrassing pictures of you.” i told her i needed to come visit so we could celebrate properly – as in the college way. 😀 happy belated izzo, love you! Image

izzo and i the other weekend when she visited. you can come back anytime now, kthanks.

going along with the birthday theme… today’s is dj’s! wish we both had free time today to celebrate. i have class all day and then work this evening while he has two tests tomorrow/friday to study for. some way to spend your bday. i promised him we’d celebrate another time – dinner and drinks on me. big spender, i know. and yes, i got him a gift but can’t tell you what it is yet… he hasn’t opened it. (and dj, i know you’re reading this and you thought i was going to spill the beans. jokes on you.)

the past few weekends have been jam PACKED with all sorts of activities! last weekend, two of my best friends, allie and ariana came to visit! i haven’t seen either of them since may so it was a really fun weekend spent catching up, re-living the college experience, and apple picking! allie is a nurse on the neurosurgery floor in albany and ariana is a model who is moving to LA tomrorrow! gosh, my friends are cool. 🙂 love you guys! Image

allie, ariana, and our friend jaja.


ariana and allie. it was my first time apple picking – needless to say, i’ll be going multiple times a year in the future.


pumpkins at the apple orchard. i LOVE fall therefore i LOVE everything that has to do with it. including pumpkins. but since i still live in a college town, i have a feeling that if i were to buy a pumpkin it would make it through one friday night before i saw the remains on the driveway. :/

this past weekend, i was able to get up to maine to be part of the most beautiful wedding! eryn and rick, got married on peaks island and it was a small beautiful ceremony followed by an awesome reception filled with good food, great people, dancing, drinks, and spending time with the most amazing people. a little on how i know these great people… for the past 6 years i have been able to spend time with the best little girl, isabella. she was 3 when i met her and she will be 9 in november. i have nanny’d her most of those six years. this past summer was the first time i didn’t go home to spend time with her and it was SO sad to tell her, and her parents, linda and sam. isabella’s older half-sister is eryn. i hadn’t seen any of them since last december so it was so awesome to go and spend time with everyone! Image

isabella and i at the wedding. we never left each other’s side. 🙂

recently, i’ve been thinking that i want to dye my hair. in fact, i have an appointment on monday to get it done. yikes! i’ve never even gotten highlights so a full head dye will be so different! i’m excited but i may chicken out as i’m sitting in the chair on monday. i’ll be sure to update everyone monday! 😀


this is the hair color i’m thinking… thoughts?


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