wants vs needs

i’ve been pining over all sorts of “items” that i think i need recently. however, i’ve been so addicted to sites such as gilt, ruelala, and fab that i needed to delete all my credit card information from them. i figured it’s always harder to physically type in your card number and those few extra seconds make me re-think my purchase. holy moley, that is PATHETIC! alas, i digress… here are some goodies i’ve been wanting (although at times, i think i need them.)

this calendar stamp. NO idea what i would do with it, but i like how sophisticated and clean it looks. 🙂 good thing i can’t find it anywhere online…

i’ve been wanting a pair of aviator ray bans but need to try some on in order to really know if i want them. perhaps that’ll be one of my weekend activities – perhaps it’s a bad idea…?

i’ve been wanting a “virtual subscription” to both birchbox as well as OliveBox – SUCH cute ideas and websites made by just as cute girls. great gifts for those that you don’t know what to give! i’ll be utilizing some of those over the holidays.

i recently bought one of her pieces of jewelry and have gotten more compliments on it than anything else i wear! so reasonably priced and ships super quickly. definitely would recommend her to anyone looking for something two-toned and dainty everyday jewelry.

going off of the etsy phase that i’ve been suffering from… (i would MUCH rather use an independent person than a chain store) these glasses are too stinkin’ cute. if i bought them i would SOOO be behind on today’s trends but i don’t really care. i would first have to grow some balls in order to wear them around without feeling like a complete dork. 🙂 if i do recall, my sister tiffany had a pair of fake glasses from claire’s when she was like 16. what a trendsetter she is. wait, correction – WAS. 😀

sometimes i think i should be on the show: my shopping addiction. maybe i should send in my application…….


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