65 and breezy

needless to say, loving the weather today! wearing jeans and my amazing jcrew men’s sweater. it was even cool enough last night to turn my AC unit off, yahoo!

it’s been crazy here between classes, trying to have a social life, and working with sylvie. i’m in a psychiatric mental health nursing class and i hateeeee it. nothing against the patients, or nurses that love the stuff, but let’s just say… i’d rather pull my own teeth out with pliers. i’m more of a hard core blood and guts kinda gal. 🙂 the class has tons of work, and i can’t really seem to grin and bare it. we have to write clinical journals every week — they should really call them “miserable 15 page papers”. that’s how they feel to me. i digres…

trying to keep a social life when being a full time student and working ~20 hours a week is difficult! i love to go out with friends but don’t want to be super hung over for work, and let’s just say, i get some killer hangovers. it’s been difficult to manage. i need to invent something miraculous to use. i’ll let you all know when i find it.

so working with sylvie has been so amazing. she’s the cutest little girl and i’m in love. she has a degenerative disorder called krabbe disease. it’s been fascinating going to work, i get to go to her various doctor appointments and i’m learning a ton! we love the library:


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