labor day weekend

wrapping up my long weekend finishing a psych journal that i procrastinated doing… obviously school is back in session. finding that my old websites and blogs look even better now that i should be doing something else. 🙂 oops. i suppose it’s not due until 12:00 tomorrow, think i can push it back any further?
it was a warm one here in burlington this weekend! still felt like summer, and i wish i could’ve spent some of my weekend soaking up the sun. i had to work sunday and monday (blah). i did go to the BEST concert ever, jason aldean and luke bryan at the fairground saturday night, SO GOOD! not sure if you’re a country fan but even if you aren’t, what guy doesn’t look good playing a guitar and singing to you? let’s be real. i wish i had good pictures that weren’t from the jumbo screen… but, i don’t. when luke played this song, i think i died and went to heaven.

ashley and i did some garage sale-ing saturday morning and then went to the farmers market. for those of you who’ve been to it, you’ll understand when i say it’s the best. full of local food vendors, local floral shops, good eats, and the random trinket. needless to say, there’s something for everyone. we both bought some flowers to fill our apartment.

thennnnnn, as if i needed another pair of boots, i bought these. 😀 😀 😀 😀 they were on sale at a store in burlington and i just couldn’t say no. i mean, you can’t blame me. those NEVER go on sale. as if i wasn’t already for fall… now i have one more reason to be excited!

i suppose i should get back to writing this journal. for those of you nursing majors/healthcare majors, i hope you find this website as funny as i do. some literally bring me to tears. enjoy what’s left of your labor day weekend!


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