back to school again

wow what a whirlwind august has been. between getting sick, quitting jobs, the school year starting, and a bunch of personal changes it’s been CRAZY! i can’t believe i’ve been MIA for so long! here’s what has been going on… 

my friend natalie is now working in york, england as a super bad-ass lacrosse coach. you go girl. she came to visit burlington with her man friend the day before she left. glad i got to see her once more before april! 

my sister, tiffany, is back from her life of luxury (welcome back to reality!) and i am SUPER thankful she finally has cell phone service again. 🙂 she was backpacking in glacier national park for a week and then went to visit some german man in his home land. (sorry jurgen) my impulse purchases are always validated when i ask her first. somehow i don’t feel as badly when she approves, maybe that’s a sign…..

welp, speaking of impulse buys i bought these pretty little things today. gotta love gilt

classes have started and i already feel like someone knocked the wind out of me. i think that’s how i’m going to feel all semester somehow. uh oh. 

finally starting to feel a little cooler here, can’t WAIT for fall. 


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