hiding from the heat

so it’s 3pm on a saturday afternoon in august. i’m sure you’re thinking that i’m crazy to be inside blogging but i promise you, if you felt this heat, you’d understand. i wish i could go out and head to the beach/pool/body of water, but it’s seriously TOO hot. i was sweating walking from my fully air-conditioned car, to the fully air-conditioned house-it’s bad. so instead of fighting it, i’ve kept myself busy with other things!

my roomie, ashley (below), and i love garage sales. like, loooooove. we both have mothers that also love them and we are finally at the age that we understand their crazy antics. šŸ˜€ today we decided was a perfect day for some bargain hunting and we found some gems. we probably spent a good half an hour at one just going through the jewelry-needless to say, we couldn’t leave empty handed. here are some of the ones i picked out, can’t wait to wear them!

as you can tell, this isn’t your typical “hi, i’m happy and smiling” picture. we’re both so weird and goofy that it’s hard to come by those. when the time comes, i’ll post it.

one of my favorite things to do, is to get my nails done. i’m obsessed with the shellac polish. for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a gel-based polish that sets with UV light. it lasts for almost 3 weeks without chipping! definitely worth it! i figured the nail salon would be nice and cool today, so i headed up there to get my shellac manicure and a pedicure. here’s the final product-clearly i’m having a “i love summer, but i’m ready for fall day” (hence the dark toes and bright nails). can’t wait to read that magazine, love it!

while i was at the salon, i flipped through magazines and saw some great inspiration for fall clothes! i love fall and all the boots, sweaters, and scarves you get to wear! i think if go through my closet and actually figure out how many “fall weather” clothes i have, i’d surprise myself… not. as if i need anything else, i really likeĀ these shoes. i’d rather not spend that kind of money on them but i really think you could wear them with everything-jeans, corduroys, skirts and tights… maybe i’ll search for a pair at nordstrom rack when i go home!

good luck to everyone else out there fighting the heat!


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