the drought is over…

holy toledo, it’s july 31st! where in the WORLD did july go? or the summer for that matter! i cannot believe how quickly it is going! soon i’ll be saying that about august and wondering how i could possibly be starting classes again. i’d rather not think about that for a while though….

i’ve been SUPER busy (hence the drought in blogging). i’ve picked up another job at a local nursing home which holds crazy hours. i’ve been trying to juggle two (at times three) jobs and needless to say i’ve been sleeping like a baby recently. waking up at 5 and not even getting home until 7 really takes it’s toll on someone! things should be settling down soon though. 

here are some of the things i’ve been up to…

the kids i babysit love Shelburne Farms and let’s just say, the farmers know us all by name. they should start paying us to go. here’s a pic of one of the numerous times we’ve been. ben likes to chase the chickens around-it’s actually hysterical. but in the midst of my laughter i have to tell him that he can’t do it. let’s just say i’m not surprised he doesn’t take me seriously sometimes… 

so this was the first summer i have lived away from home-and away from isabella, the little girl i have nannyed for years. she is now 8 (which makes me feel like i should be 80) because i’ve worked with her since she was 3. recently i’ve been receiving lots of pictures and messages from her and it makes me smile from ear to ear. in october, i will be attending her older sister’s wedding in maine. can’t wait! here is a pic of isabella and her dog, lucy, that she sent me today. don’t you love lucy’s sunnies? 

one of my previous roommates, natalie, celebrated her birthday on the 16th of july. she’s from saratoga springs, ny which is a 2.5 hour drive from burlington. i went and celebrated with her and the family with lots of clams and lobsters! it was my first time de-shelling (is that what you call it) my own lobster! fun and super messy but totally worth it. i’ll be going back in a week to attend a horse race at the track-another first for me; so excited! good thing i have an incredibly large brimmed hat already! 🙂 



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