back from a blogging hiatus…

back from a blogging hiatus… and unfortunately back to reality at the same time. this past week has been so amazing! tiffany and i were bumming around burlington until thursday and then i met my mom in new hampshire and we traveled up and down the coast of maine until monday. rough life, right? here’s a recap of my week:

sunday-thursday: tiffany and i hung with the best people and had the best time. our mini vacation consisted of shopping, hiking, visiting the cabot factory and cider mill, boating, watching fireworks/playing with sparklers, and of course way too much drinking.

this is a pic of tiffany who i convinced it was standard practice to have a picture in the cow before entering the cabot factory… don’t know how she believed me.

 my friend, wade, who owns this bad-ass company (seriously, check it out! i have one of his tanks which i LOVE! a helpful hint… order your tank in a size bigger than you would normally wear) took us out on his boat a few days in mallet’s bay. he’s a big wake-boarder and i wanted to give it a go. let’s just say it wasn’t pretty but i did get up a few times. needless to say, i need some practice…

the fourth of july… (which one would think is celebrated on the FOURTH) ironically isn’t here. apparently burlington likes to celebrate on the eve of the fourth. it took us some getting used to but it was fab none the less. tiffany and i got all dolled up on the morning of the 4th expecting to be out-did by others. we weren’t. 

so we paraded around town in these outfits and got some …interesting looks. we stopped into a store on church street and the sales lady asked if we were drunk, hmmmmm. unfortunately our time couldn’t last forever and she had to leave but it was the best 4th yet. oh and tiffany, now would be a good time to come back! 🙂

thursday-monday: while tiffany’s vacation may have been over, mine kept going. ha! after i dropped her off at the airport, i made my way to the manchester airport to pick up my mom and we made our way up the maine coast. it was a whirlwind of a trip, we drove, relaxed, drove some more, shopped until we dropped, ate enough seafood to last us until next year (obviously that’s not true, i could go for some right now!), and then drove back. 😀 here is a snap of my odometer that i’d been tracking since i left burlington. let’s just say i could go without my car for the next few weeks and i wouldn’t be upset about it. 

here are some other pictures of our trip that i couldn’t leave out…

mom and i in kennebunkport. our first stop on the trip. got a FABULOUS lobster roll at a place called the clam shack. don’t take my word for it, just go try it. 

this was probably my favorite town of all the ones we visited… can’t exactly put my finger on it as to why, just love it. camden, me.

    mom and i went out on a ship and sailed around for 2 hours. it was AWESOME. 

wish i didn’t take a picture of this guy’s elbow…

the last day we traveled to bay booth harbor and explored that little town. it was quaint, and full of tourists like us. luckily it wasn’t nearly as humid as it was the day before! the views from some of the houses were probably the best that we’ve seen. pictures wouldn’t do it justice.  

mom and i always seemed to be obsessed with the bright buoys…

 overall, it was SUCH a good week and i can’t believe it’s all over! i had the best time with both my mom and my sister and wish we could do it all again! but on the bright side, it’s already wednesday! happy hump day!


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