the week of fun

while hanging out at oakledge park this afternoon it finally dawned on me that my bestest of best friends and older sister tiffany is coming to visit me tomorrow!! i’m so excited! when i knew i wasn’t coming home this summer she decided to come have some  4th of july fun east coast style. we have all sorts of fun activities planned as well as some new recipes to try.

the to-do list:

-i hiked this trail with my friends before they graduated and you can see EVERYTHING from the top so i promised tiffany i’d take her to it. love my iphone and the awesome apps that you can get for it. i took this panorama with the app called Photosynth. (love the stitch job?)


-one weekend my previous roomies and i decided to kill some time at the shelburne vineyard. it’s only a 15 minute drive out of burlington and it feels like you’re in another world! i love places where you can escape reality (especially when they’re only 8 miles away!) i figured tiffany and i could go here and spend the afternoon drinking wine in the sun. any jealous folk want to come join?

-a favorite spot of mine in burlington is the new moon cafe on cherry street. and although we’d love this trip to be all fun and games, tiffany is still in the process of getting her masters so there is this thing called homework. i figured i could get lost in a book while she studies on a rainy afternoon (or sunny with the windows open!) try any of their scones, they’re all delicious!

-although i said we’d be making all sorts of new recipes this spot involves us eating someone else’s food. the family i nanny for took me here one friday night for some burgers and good company and i figured i’d spread the joy. might be a little pricey but it’s all delicious. 

needless to say, i’m almost over the top excited to have her visit. we get into the most stupid things when we’re together and i can’t wait! i’ll be sure to post some awesome pictures of us sporting great 4th outfits. 🙂 here is a little preview of the sort of pictures you can expect… 



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