i wish i was a billionaire

you know those days where you wish you were a billionaire so you could buy anything and everything you ever wanted? that is exactly the day i’m having right about now. (probably doesn’t help that it’s been raining the past two days…) seeing as that i am not so lucky as to bathe in that amount of money, i haven’t gone to buy anything and everything i want. i just drool on my computer keys while obsessing. here are a few of the things i wish i was lucky enough to own… 

1. anything from this website. i mean seriously, how amazing is lulu lemon? although it is a bit pricey, the few items i own from there are definitely worth it! 

2. this ring. i’ll keep dreaming. 

3. these. i mean, who wouldn’t look good in these?

4. these tory burch flats. i’ve been needing (who am i kidding, i just want them) black flats for a while, and these would just be a fabulous addition to my closet.

5. i have been on the hunt for a good denim jacket for months! i finally found one this weekend in montreal at the levi’s store. now i know my size, i can do some bargain hunting online! here is the jacket. 

now i should just go buy some lottery tickets. if only i could bring myself to get off the couch and brave the waters outside.

oh! how could i forget?! i desperately want a dog. who wouldn’t want one that looks like this? i think i’d name it albert and call him bertie for short. or leroy. or perhaps gus…


One thought on “i wish i was a billionaire

  1. your wishlist looks freakishly similar to mine! i am seriously debating some lulu wunder unders like yours… powerball, here we come!

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