how to prepare for a job interview

happy friday, everyone!

today i’m going to delve into the terrifying unknown of job interviews.

i recently interviewed for a new position  – it was only the second ‘real world’ job interview i’d ever had and i was terrified! i’d already had to completely re-do my resume and re-vamp my cover letter and then came time to prepare for the actual day.

prepare for the questions

this was actually the hardest part of the whole process for me. it required lots of time and energy (thanks, family for your assistance!) and i knew it was going to be the most important part. i started with my good ol’ friend, google. i honestly googled, “surgical ICU nurse interview questions” and boy did google come in big! there were plenty of sites that had helpful questions and tips. from these multiple sites i  generated a list of 15 or so questions that i wanted to be prepared for. after i found them, i turned back to the job posting to look at some of the adjectives that were used in the initial posting. once i knew what those were, i tailored my answers to use some of the same adjectives and phrases that the job posting had. instead of just reading through these things online, i had the questions written down along with some of the phrases and adjectives i wanted to focus on. and then i practiced. my parents, tiffany and ian were all rattling off questions for the 24 hours prior to. needless to say, they could probably interview to be a SICU nurse now. 😀

don’t forget to plan a question or two for the interviewers at the end! mine were about potential orientation and patient loads on the unit….

figure out the day of outfit

this was a little difficult for me because as a current RN i have one work outfit – scrubs. i don’t have to dress up or worry about what i’m wearing on a ‘casual friday’. lucky for me, it’s already picked out. i’ve got lots of dressy summer/fall clothes but finding an outfit in the dead of winter with a couple inches of snow on the ground was tough. i modeled a handful for tiffany and we decided that this one was our winner. it wasn’t stuffy, showed off some of my personality, kept me warm, and i wasn’t walking in with a summer dress on.


shoes from dolce vita [similar found here] // sweater from madewell [similar found here] // pants from jcrew [similar found here] // jacket from jcrew [it’s on sale today!] // sunnies from wyeth

 pack your bag

always bring a tote that you can slip  your resume into without getting wrinkled. sometimes you’ll know how many people are on the interview board, but sometimes you don’t. bring a couple of resumes that you can offer each interviewer. chances are, they won’t need it, but it makes you look prepared. don’t have too many things spilling out of your bag as you’ll look like a total nutcase when you go to pull out your resume but instead pull out your most recent W-2. clean that puppy out – even if you have to leave 90% of it sitting on your car seat while you’re inside – less is more in this case. this is the bag i chose to bring.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.48.45 AM.png

at the interview

one of the most important parts… just be yourself! an interview can seem so official and intimidating but honestly, the more yourself you can be, the better. the people interviewing you don’t want to sit and chat with someone who’s spitting off google phrases and adjectives that are memorized – they want to see your real personality; if you strive to have a conversation with them it’ll be much easier – on the both of you!!

a few last minute pointers…

be yourself.

be confident. [even if you’re not, take a deep breath and just pretend.]

be awesome.

and yes… i was offered a position in the surgical ICU starting late april, yay!

saint valentine’s gift guide

heyooooo, happy tuesday, folks. here we are, a week away, from valentine’s day. and here i am, to help you get through the holiday in one piece. here are some amazing ideas if you’re into the gift giving part of the holiday… and if you’re not, well, you can still spoil yourself. right….?

for the ladies: 

this initial necklace from vrai&oro. it’s simple and elegant. it can be worn alone or layered with some other bling. it comes in silver, gold or rose gold. it also comes in two separate lengths, 16 or 18 inches. and for those of you who are just like me, you’ll need this chart for reference.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.27.33 PM.png

this amazingly adorable card. there really isn’t anything like a handwritten note. if all you do is write a nice card, you’re in the clear – trust me. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.35.15 PM.png

this entertaining set from heath ceramics. heath has some of the best dinnerware, mugs and serveware. their pieces are timeless, albeit pricey. this entertaining set has 3 separate sized platters and 4 cute cocktail napkins – perfect for a girls night or small dinner party. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.06.32 PM.png

this vince camuto perfume. i actually bought this for myself the other day and i found it at nordstrom rack. they had a smaller bottle AND a roller ball version which i, personally, love because it’s a great way to try out a new scent without breaking the bank. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.16.27 PM.png

for the guys: 

this coffee mug. nothing says, ‘i love you’ (or even ‘i like you’) like a receptacle to hold your coffee in and he’ll think of you every time he fills it. and better yet, get him a coffee subscription or gift card to go with it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.38.42 PM.png

this pocket knife. it’s a classic and he’ll feel quite BA when he carries it. it definitely won’t break the bank either. and yes, i have already told you to buy this in my guy gift guide – so if you haven’t, now is your second chance. don’t miss out. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.48.17 PM.png

these hestra leather driving gloves. nothing will keep his hands warmer during the winter months. they’re stylish and, i mean, they look amazingly soft. here is a little reference article to help keep your gloves in tip-top shape.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.55.57 PM.png

this everlane cashmere sweater. everlane has the best prices for cashmere and they don’t skimp on quality. you’ll never stop hugging the guy when he’s wearing this thing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.00.12 PM.png

regardless if your valentine is your long time significant other, your mom, or your best girlfriend i hope this guide gives you all the inspiration you need to spoil them.

trials and tribulations of packing

happy february peeps! where in the WORLD did january go?!

 comin’ at ya hot from denver, colorado – aka home sweet home. or my first home. now that i’ve lived in burlington for the last eight years, it’s kind of hard to say that where i live now isn’t home. but the house i grew up in, the childhood  memories with my childhood besties, where my parents live will always be home to me.

i wanted to get this post out yesterday but, you know, life happens…

i went to college across the country and flew back and forth for holidays so you’d think that i’d be able to pack a suitcase by the ripe age of 27. yet, it still might be one of the hardest tasks for me. i open my closet and find all of those lost items of clothing; you know, the ones that i haven’t worn in the last three months and i think to myself, “omg i’ll TOTALLY wear this at home, i can’t not bring it!!”

reality check, adison. you haven’t worn it for at least a quarter of the last year. you will not wear it on vacation. 

i wanted to be a better packer. i want to be a better packer. so, for this trip i packed my ski clothes, i packed some workout clothes. and i stopped. i told myself i could only bring 20 items of clothing/shoes to bring home. i’ll be gone for 8 days. no one needs more clothes than that. and if my bag is too full when i arrive in colorado, that means there’s less room for shopping. and who can’t make a trip to nordstrom when you’re around one….?

so i packed and ended up putting 22 items into my bag (obviously i lied and i’m counting my hat and scarf in my count.) and honestly, when i was counting everything, it was kind of hard to get up to the goal of 20.

here is how i did it:

1. avoided bright colors and prints. it’s winter and those things look weird in the winter. 2. steer towards neutrals and basics because they can all be worn together. 3. comfort, really is, key. 4. bringing layers that i can wear with multiple outfits is important. fullsizeoutput_12d4

i threw in my favorite black seven jeans and royal blue gap jeans. they both, are able to be worn multiple times without getting all stretched out and ugly.


the sweaters i picked are reaaaaaal  versatile. the chunky cardigan on the far left is one of my favorties and it’s actually from tjmaxx and it definitely requires a shirt underneath because it lacks buttons or snaps. the patterned and black sweaters are from lululemon and the tan is from jcrew. lululemon actually has some of my all time favorite fitting sweaters – check ’em out.


i brought two button up long sleeves, the grey from gap and the checkered from jcrew again. these are great because they can be worn buttoned up all the way or layered over a light t. i brought two other long sleeves, one from a boutique in burlington and the tan and black v-neck is from madewell – both of which can be very casual or dressed up for a night on the town with some jewels and bright lipstick.


the collection of t-shirts and tanks i brought could be layered under the cardigan or other long sleeves but also, can be worn solo. but, realistically, when it’s february in colorado, you rarely wear bare arms – it’s COLD!


i chose two pairs of comfortable booties to bring home. my bestie, madeline, is making me a pair of converse so i knew i’d have another pair of shoes to cart back with me…. stay tuned for those pics. the tan are lucky brand and the black are dolce vita from nordstrom rack.


couldn’t come home without my trusty white and warren travel wrap and cashmere skida hat.


like i said, i flew in today and leave in 8 days. i’ll be sure to let you know how the clothes end up… i might have nailed the whole packing thing and i might have royally f’d up.

winter must haves

it’s really feeling like winter around these parts – and winter for me, brings a dry body. dry skin, dry hair, dry nails, you name it, it’s dry. so here i am trying to not look like a snake that’s about to molt a layer of skin while finding a balance of using natural products that make me feel good from the outside in. here are a few of my favorite products that are helping me get through the winter months.


bumble and bumble don’t blow it serum – i’ve been trying to eliminate the number of days that i use heat on my hair and my sister, tiffany, introduced this to me. it’s one of my new favorite creams. i shampoo and condition like normal and then use a nickel sized amount on wet hair. sometimes i’ll even use a pea sized amount once my hair is completely dry. give it a try – you won’t believe what your hair can do with it!


everyone 3 in 1 unscented lotion –  this is probably my all time favorite lotion. i found it at whole foods and it, thankfully, falls into my ‘all natural’ kick. i’m notorious for having super sensitive skin and this is one lotion that won’t further irritate it. it’s thick enough to help with the scales but it’s not so thick that you have to wait 20 minutes to sink in before putting jeans on. and don’t try to pretend that you don’t know what i’m talking about…

because of the sensitivity, i, honestly, haven’t tried it on my face like it says you can, but i’m sure it would be great!


indie lee squalane facial oil – a friend told me about indie lee products and i’m obsessed. i bought it from amazon but their website is super cute! AND if you sign up to receive their emails, you’ll get an extra 15% off your first order! what i love about this serum is, again, it’s not too thick. i was SUPER hesitant to put oil on my face but i tried and i’m in love! i don’t think i can go back to a regular cream after using this stuff. i use it both morning and night and my face feels like the sahara if i don’t use it. i’d love to try her swiss apple facial serum – please let me know if you have!!


pacifica alight multi-mineral bb cream – i read about this tinted bb cream from the free people blog and wanted to give it a go. i had a hard time finding it but found it at whole foods on my last road trip and found it for under $20-bonus!! it provides decent coverage but feels relatively light at the same time. it’s not sticky which is key for me. sometimes, if i’m super dry, i’ll mix it with my indie lee facial oil. give it a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


maybelline color sensational matte lipstick – again, thanks to tiffany, for finding this one. she, not surprisingly, found it on a blog but had the hardest time finding it in a drug store. it’s not as matte as i was expecting but maybe that’s because i wear chapstick under it. i’m pretty happy with the color and consistency and i like how it wears. it doesn’t leave a stain or the ‘i’m wearing lip liner because the lip stick has faded’ look once it wears off. screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-2-44-30-pm

let me know if i’m missing any of your favorite winter must haves!

bal harbour getaway

happy monday!

back to reality which means back to the arctic temperatures in vermont. this past weekend i was able to jet set to miami with girlfriends for some amazing sun and relaxation. we stayed just north of miami beach in bal harbour right on the ocean. we spent our mornings in pajamas on the balcony with a good cup of coffee basking in the sun – it was real nice. 5a908cbb-8922-459a-818b-ac7b0c48b901

we spent friday boppin’ between the pool and the ocean soaking up all the sun we could get. IMG_3386.JPG


saturday we headed over to key biscayne for some boating. seeing miami by boat was definitely one way to avoid all the traffic. the weather couldn’t have been more perfect – 80s and sunny which, apparently, is very atypical for miami in january.

an afternoon of good drinks, sunshine and warm water was exactly what the doctor ordered and we never wanted to stop.

3/5 of the boating gang.
rickenbacker bridge

saturday night we headed towards the wynwood neighborhood to eat at beaker and gray and it was AMAZING. the atmosphere was sheek, the cocktails were on point, we couldn’t stop eating, and we obviously had to find room for our mini doughnuts on the dessert menu. let’s just say, you cannot miss this place.

and if there’s one thing you can’t miss it’s the oxtail tortellini.


this was the best we could do for a group shot. it was a perfectly timed vacation and an amazing escape from reality.

thank you jess for having us.

jordan, thanks for the laughs and adventures on the boat.

the golden palace – aka trader joe’s

i’ve recently been delving into veggie/black bean/turkey burgers when i go out to eat because i feel less guilty – especially when i order the fries with extra aioli and finish it all. i’ve been wanting to make my own variation of these infamous burgers at home; until i thought about it and realized that it just sounds like way too much work.

and this is where trader joe’s comes in… for those of you who don’t know trader joe’s, i’m sorry and for those of you who do, how much do you love it?? seriously, though. it can be very intimidating for the newbie and i admit, about half of the time i go, i am purposely trying to find something new to bring home with me. i got over my fear of the store with a little help from some friends – aka: i used google. and google found PLENTY of blogs that told me exactly what to get at tj’s.

here are a few of my favorite finds:

quinoa cowboy veggie burgers – these are the veggie burgers i buy and they’re amazing! 4 to every box and they’re all individually packaged which is convenient because they’re not bad in the microwave at work. however, i prefer mine cooked in the oven (and i cook them for 8 minutes on each side because i like them a little crispier…) topped with blue cheese, an avocado and sriracha.


speaking of sriracha… – their’s is real good. i mean, how else can i tell you that it’s good…?


fig butter – i like to spread this on grilled cheese, pour it over a roll of brie, or even use it on my toast in the mornings. it’s a must get.


scandinavian swimmers – my aunt and uncle actually got me hooked on these and for that, i’m quite upset with them. these are literally like crack for me. i seriously CANNOT.STOP.EATING.THEM. it’s dangerous and therefore i only buy them once in a blue moon.


dark chocolate peanut butter cups – when these are around i can control myself a bit more. i actually keep these in the fridge or the freezer and they’re just the right amount of sugar that i need after a meal. and they’re especially nice because i can just eat one and feel satisfied.


greek whole milk yogurt – the last thing i hunt for at tj’s is their whole milk yogurt. the flavors are good enough that you can eat them by themselves. i usually add some granola and nuts, and i’ll even mix it into my smoothies!


what are your ‘go-to’s’ at trader joe’s? i’d love to hear!

NYE 2k17

happy new year, lovies! hope you all had a fabulous weekend ringing in the new year!

i hopped into the car with 18 of our closest friends and headed to bearsville, new york. we stayed in the most amazing airbnb house right outside of woodstock, feast your eyes on this beauty. fullsizeoutput_1202

the house was perfect. it was close enough to town but far enough away that we weren’t worried about keeping the neighbors up with our late night dance parties.

we drove down mid-morning on friday and headed back today. we spent the night in on friday and headed to explore woodstock saturday. tiffany and i vacationed in phoenicia a couple of summers ago and we knew we couldn’t go back to the catskills without a trip to our favorite restaurant, shindig. you most certainly cannot pass up the tinker tots when you go – they have the important job of transporting the ranch aioli STRAIGHT to the mouth. fullsizeoutput_1200

we stopped in a couple of stores and finished our afternoon out at one of the coolest bars in the town – station. there isn’t much to it, but holy moly it was real cute. some of the boys played pool while the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed some hot toddies. img_0044img_0027

our friend, katie, shares her birthday with NYE so we were sure to celebrate real well on saturday. that night we ate an amazing meal put on by a couple of the girls. some college drinking games, a dance party that carried us into 2017, and a competitive game of exploding kittens was how we rounded out the night. img_3266img_0054img_3272

i woke up new year’s day and, like the rest of america, felt like i needed some health in my life so i headed to a local juice bar and picked up a bunch of juice. after, a big group of us headed down the road for a long walk. a nap, some reading, football viewing and more lounging was how we finished up sunday. tomy and benji scoured the fridges and threw together some of the most amazing pizzas for sunday night – bacon, brussel sprouts and carmelized onions – yes please. img_0061

overall, it was an absolute blast. if you’ve never been to the catskill area – i HIGHLY recommend it, there’s seriously something for everyone.

i’ll leave you with this little funny – my friend, jess, randomly exchanged all the toilet paper rolls with these ones that she found on etsy… it provided us, with a bunch of laughs.  img_0051

happy new year – may 2017 bring everyone health, happiness and endless travel! xo